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Not "enough"

BarryA has written about Dover Decision at

Here is the excerpt from Jones’ opinion where he relies on the literature bluff.
“The immune system is the third system to which Professor Behe has applied the definition of irreducible complexity. Although in Darwin’s Black Box, Professor Behe wrote that not only were there no natural explanations for the immune system at the time, but that natural explanations were impossible regarding its origin. (P-647 at 139; [128]2:26-27 (Miller)). However, Dr. Miller presented peer-reviewed studies refuting Professor Behe’s claim that the immune system was irreducibly complex. Between 1996 and 2002, various studies confirmed each element of the evolutionary hypothesis explaining the origin of the immune system. ([129]2:31 (Miller)). In fact, on cross-examination, Professor Behe was questioned concerning his 1996 claim that science would never find an evolutionary explanation for the immune system. He was presented with fifty- eight peer-reviewed publications, nine books, and several immunology textbook chapters about the evolution of the immune system; however, he simply insisted that this was still not sufficient evidence of evolution, and that it was not “good enough.” ([130]23:19 (Behe)).”
Note that Jones ignored the distinction Behe made. Behe said there were no DETAILED ACCOUNTS of the evolution of the immune system through Neo-Darwinian mechanism. By the time it got to Jones’ opinion Behe was being quoted as saying there are no accounts of any kind of the evolution of the immune system. As is clear from the transcript above, Behe said exactly the opposite...
Judge Jones wrote:
"he simply insisted that this was still not sufficient evidence of evolution, and that it was not “good enough.”"
The last words are in quotes, like they were Behe's words.

But what Behe actually said on cross-examination, was that "it's NOT that they aren't good enough. It's simply that they are addressed to a different subject.", and the judge still wrote, that Behe had said, that "it was not "good enough.""

I think, that the judge has put words in Behe's mouth.

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